Mission: To promote and strengthen the Church for the community.  Activities include “Keep Christ in Christmas”, Lenten Evening of Reflection, Malvern Retreat, Church Christmas Decorations, Memorial Mass for Deceased Knights of Santa Maria 195, and working in conjunction with the Parish Christian Formation Committee (CFC) to present programs for the spiritual growth of our members and the church community .



Mission: To provide services and needed help to the local community.  Activities include Ronald McDonald House Dinner, Tootsie Roll Campaign, Souper Bowl Sunday, Special Olympics Soccer Challenge.



Mission: To promote Fraternity through Council events.  Activities include IHM Golf Outing, Degree Recognition, Member Service Recognition, Knight of Year, Knights in the Morning, Social Meetings.



Mission: To promote family life.  Activities include Knights of Columbus Picnic, Soccer Challenge, Halloween Hayride, Family Bowling, Children’s Christmas Party.



Mission: To promote the culture of life in all aspects of church and community.  Activities include Pro-Life Sidewalk Prayers, Memorial to the Unborn.



Mission: To promote future generations by celebrating our youth.  Activities include Gabe Lensack Catholic Citizens Award, Jon ‘Poppy’ Gatta IHM Service Award, IHM Tuition Scholarships, Essay Contest, College Scholarships.