At the IHM school end-of-year Mass and ceremonies on June 8th, the following students were recognized by the IHM Santa Maria Knights of Columbus for their outstanding essays in the state’s Knights of Columbus Vocation Essay Contest. The recognition by grade were :   5th grade Norah Teaney, 6th grade Rachel Smookler, and 7th grade Kate Dorsey.

Norah Teaney was recognized by the State Knights of Columbus as the outstanding essay for a 5th grader. Below she was presented the award earlier at IHM by the state essay chairman, Felix Spitelle, and our own Jon ‘Poppy’ Gatta.


The Knights of Columbus also presented the IHM school $2000 (4 – $500 scholarships) in school scholarship money to be given to those families in need of financial assistance so they can keep their children at IHM to continue their Catholic education. The recipients of this money will be determined by the Principal – John Mitchel, and the Pastor – Father Bob.

IHM School 2017 Year-End Recognition