Herman Romero, our inspirational leader for the Tootsie Roll drive. Herman said he will eat all the tootsie roll not given out during the campaign. Let’s all pitch in so he has nothing to chew on.

Each year the IHM Knights of Columbus have their ‘Campaign to Help Those with Intellectual Disabilities’. Tootsie rolls are given out and donations accepted. Last year over $2000 was collected, and the money collected was given to Special Olympics of Delaware, The Mary Campbell Center, and Waggies by Maggie. Donations were solicited in front of several local business on 5/13 and after each Mass the weekend of 5/20. A total of $3887 was collected.

The businesses were completed on 5/13, and $1241 was collected.

We thank for their continued support, the Dunkin Donuts at Graylyn Crest, the Giant in Concord Square, the Acme at F&N shopping center, the Acme in the Fairfax shopping center, and the Acme in the Branmar shopping center.

Also, thanks to the Knights and their families who spent their time on a rather cold and rainey day : Dave and Eileen Smith, Jack and Ann Devine, Ed and Sue Russ, Rick Gadbois and his granddaughter, Bernie White and his granddaughter, Martin McCarrick, Bob Curry, Jon Gatta, Tony Casio, John Watson, Stan Rzucidio, Paul Hopkins, Ed Connolly, Lou LoBosco, and Herman Romero.

The IHM church solicitation after all the Masses on 5/20-21 was outstanding and $2646 was donated.

We thank our parishioners for their continued support and generosity which support those in our community who most need it.

Also, thanks to those Knights and their family who contributed their time at church : Joe Ketzner, Stan Rzucidlo, Joe Malkowski, Jim Conte, Jon Gatta, LouLoBosco and grandkids, Tony Casio, Jim Taylor and his son, Robert Gormley and his son, Ed Russ his wife and son, Bernie White, Rich Raffaelli, Joe Buono, Vince Grillo, Martin McCarrick, Tom Curran, and Rick Gadbois.



2017 Tootsie Roll ‘Campaign to Help Those with Intellectual Disabilities’