Unfortunately, many of our veterans are in need of help to ensure a Merry Christmas for their families. Our Council has been asked to participate in the Knights of Columbus Veterans ‘Adopt-a-Family’ program. A family has been identified for us to help, and is in need of the following clothing for their children :

     Imani –    Female – Age 14 – clothes
                                                    size 2x shirts/1x pants 
     Alexis –   Female – Age 15 – clothes or yoga pants

                                                    size 7-8 or medium.
     Brit’nae – Female – Age 19 – clothes or coat

                                                    size 12-14.

  If you can find it in your heart to help in anyway, you can do so, by either bringing your donation to Ed Connolly’s home, or he can stop by yours’. The donations have to be delivered by Tuesday Dec 9th. Wrapping of donations is optional, but if not wrapped please identify who it is to be given to.

Knights of Columbus Veterans ‘Adopt-a-F​amily’

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