Pro Life 2At the 70th meeting of the KofC Delaware State Council in May, $12,250 was approved to add to matching funds from the Supreme Council to have the Pregnancy Help Center of Kent County purchase a new Ultrasound Machine.  We have all the required approvals for the purchase, and Supreme Council has issued a check of $12,250 to match Delaware State Council’s funds for a total of $24,500. The new machine has been ordered by the Pregnancy Help Center with an expected delivery in late August. Bishop Malooly will bless the Ultrasound Machine on September 21, 2013 at 11:00am. Every Delaware Knight should be proud of this purchase as the funds were drawn from the monies collected from the Per Capita collected from each Council based on their roster.
This will be the second Ultrasound Machine provided by the Delaware Knights of Columbus for Pregnancy Centers in Delaware.

Ultrasound Information